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Rappelz Review

Rappelz Review

Overview: Rappelz is a completely free to play massively multiplayer online role playing game with top of the line graphics and amazing in game design. This game has a ton of features to offer its users, which we will get into later and it also has a huge user base and support base. When it comes to a free to play online game, Rappelz is the first game you should check out. Rappelz even allows users to own their own dungeons if they would like instead of castles or cities.

Gameplay: The gameplay of Rappelz is largely based around quest play and dungeon sieges. If you are worried about not knowing what to do when you get into the game that’s ok, the game has a very extensive training and tutorial area for new players. Chances are though, if you have played an MMORPG before, then you will jump into this game like you have been playing it for years. Player vs player combat as well as player vs environment is available and that’s not all.  There is a sick dungeon siege system in place too!

Characters: There is actually a large selection for character selection including three different races and and three class categories each with a ton of classes within them. Character customization is another thing that Rappelz offers. You can virtually make your character look however you want too make sure that everyone knows who you are when you are walking around.

Special Features: 

  • Amazing dungeon siege system built in.
  • Very large in game environment including different islands scattered around the main one.
  • Best graphics of any MMORPG.
  • Simple guild system built in.
  • Awesome pet system in place.
  • Completely free to play.

Our Thoughts: Truly, Rappelz is the best massively multiplayer online role playing game that I have ever played. It has more features then games like World of Warcraft even and the best part is that you do not even have to pay a dime to play it. The graphics and game design alone are enough to blow your mind. I’m telling you, when you get into this game you will never need to play another MMORPG. Check it out today and let us know what you think!

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